Apple Problems.

We work to a strict no fix, no fee policy, which will cost You no more that £49.99 (excluding any parts that may be required).

  • Has your Apple got a blank white screen?

    This could be the start of a hardware failure, your machines hard drive may be coming to the end of its life. Memory in the machine may have overheated, a computer virus, spyware, corruption or deletion of system files.

    Contact us now so we can help you to recover data before a catastrophic failure of your system.

  • New phone or computer that needs to be connected to your broadband?

    Just received your new smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or maybe your existing hardware having trouble using your broadband.

    Let us help you get connected fast.

  • Difficulty printing documents or photos?

    If your printer is not working correctly, then it could be ink cartridges, paper jam.

    Allow us to show you the problem and advise on a corrective course of action.

  • Internet is not working as you would like?

    Most internet providers state a maximum line speed, but this is just a possible maximum and can depend upon a lot of factors. Spyware could be slowing your machine down. Virus infection could be slowing down your machine.

    Let us provide you with the tools to enable you to see just how fast your connection really is and remove any infections.

  • Network setup or repairs?

    Running a wireless network in the house and need advice on equipment needs to extent the coverage. Setting up and running a small business network, cabled or wireless, we can help you devise a topographical layout for maximum performance.

    Allow us to provide the expertise required to setup your network and provide solid support.

Before any work is undertaken on your behalf, Dean I.T. will diagnose your problem and contact you to inform you of the problem and what action needs to be taken to fix your computer.

If an engineer is called out to you and they decide that the job needs more in depth investigation we can bring the hardware back to our premises with your permission to fix and bring back upon completion.